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The most beatiful view from Rio de Janeiro

We are specialized in Safe Paragliding Tandem Flights
for almost 30 years in Niterói City Park. 

From Parque da Cidade - Photo by Luciano Miranda
"What amazing view!"
"This is a paradise!"
You will never loose the oportunity, if the wind changes.
Besides the wonderful view...
There are 3 diferents launch spots.
This is my name, this is my job, this is my life!
I'm a former pilot from Brazilian Air Force, Air Force Academy flight instructor and in the academic disciplines Air Navigation professor.

Among all the aircrafts, more than 6,000 flight hours, and around same amount in solo and tandem paragliding flights.

In my career are included the C-130 Hercules, the Bufalo, the Tucano, gliders and gliders towing.

Since 1990, my favorite activity is flying, training new pilots and making tandem flights in paragliders.

South flight  - Photo by Luciano Miranda
Niterói City Park (Parque da Cidade de Niterói) is a real belvedere. Located at the other side of Ganabara's Bay, from where we have the most beautiful view, that is the great icons from Rio de Janeiro, at a just single glance: Copacabana's beach, Sugar Loaf, Corcovado, Rio downtown, Galeão INTL Airpot, Guanabara Bay, high mountains of Petrópolis and Teresópolis and much more.
From Sossego's hill  - Photo by Alaor Filho
Piratininga beach  - Photo by Luciano Miranda
2018 - Fev, 03 - Helayne Lopes
2017- Apr,26 - Alevtina Dupri
2017- Apr,30 - Laura Teixeira
How to get to the place:

1 - We are based at Niterói - RJ. You can reach the Parque da Cidade of Niterói by car or even by hiking 278 meter via public street.
2 - Also, from the hotel or house you are stayng you can use UBER to the destiny.
3 - By catamaran from Rio de Janeiro downtown to Charitas Ferry Boalt station or by bus to a place we can pick you up to departuring spot.
Parque da Cidade de Niterói,
Niterói, RJ 24360-425
Open every day:

Monday - Friday  08:00AM - 08:00PM
Saturday 08:00AM - 22:00PM
Sanday 09:00AM - 18:00PM
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+55 21 99761-6131


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